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MyCoast: Maryland

Your photos matter: document flooding and storm damage to inspire action.

MyCoast: Maryland allows you to communicate flooding and storm damage in your community. It is a portal to collect and analyze photos which are linked to precipitation, riverine, and tidal data to create reports that help government agencies, business owners, and residents understand impacts in your community and encourage action to reduce localized flooding. Thank you for submitting photos!

How it Works


1. You Add Your Picture or Report

Take your picture via our mobile app (below) or submit it via your browser when you get back to your computer.


2. We Fetch Background Data

Our servers retrieve weather and tidal information to add context to your photo.


3. Your Report Informs Decisions

Coastal leaders and groups can use your data to make better decisions.

Submitting Photos is Simple
with the MyCoast App!

(Or click on the report icon above)

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