If your community has recently experienced flooding or storm damage, you’re in the right place. Maryland is becoming increasingly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, which means increasing and worsening storms, changing precipitation rates, and more frequent high tide flooding as sea levels rise.

Created in 2019, MyCoast: Maryland is an initiative within the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’, Chesapeake and Coastal Service, designed to give you a platform where you can share photos to document on the ground impacts of flooding and damage that are attributed to rain, storms, or high tides. This helps us determine how often a community is flooding and where, which can help identify and prioritize climate change resilience and restoration opportunities.

By using MyCoast you are helping document important weather and climate related events in your community. We analyze this data to make informed management decisions.

Thank you for using our app!

For questions and more information contact:

Kate Vogel
Coastal Resilience Planner, Maryland DNR

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