New Jersey High Water

Capture flood events and impacts across the state and in your community.

When Will Tides be Higher?

According to NOAA's monthly high tide flooding outlook, in 2024 New Jersey will see higher than normal tides on:

February 9-12
March 9-12
April 7-10
May 7-8

Recent Reports

What are King Tides?

King Tides are the highest tides of the year. Higher than normal tides typically occur when a new or full moon coincides with the moon being at its closest point to earth in its orbit, also known as its perigee. NOAA issues a seasonal high tide bulletin to report regionally when higher than normal high tides can be expected. We are most likely to experience nuisance coastal flooding during the winter and spring but keep in mind, a combination of local conditions such as precipitation, wind direction, and/or other short-term meteorological events may lead to higher flooding events as well. Learn more about king tides here.

Why Photograph King Tides?

King Tides cause flooding that represents a preview of how and where sea level rise will affect local landscapes. Documenting current flood impacts helps ground-truth local sea level rise models for more accurate planning in the future.

King Tide Photo Contest Results

Summer 2023 Winners Gallery

A total of 163 high water reports documenting flooding in NJ communities were submitted during the MyCoast Madness King Tide Photo Contest during the summer of 2023.

King Tide Champion

George Noble
Raritan Bay, Keyport, NJ

King Tide Runner-Up

John Pitts
Atlantic Ocean, Margate City, NJ

Fall 2022 Winners Gallery

Citizen scientists submitted over 30 photos of flooding in their communities from Nov 23-28 during New Jersey’s highest predicted tides of 2022.

Category: Flooding from a River/Stream

Whale Creek, Keyport NJ
Pat Noble

Category: Flooding from a Bay

Great Bay, Little Egg Harbor
Stan Dobies

Category: Flooding from the Ocean

Atlantic Ocean, Brigantine
Claire Brower