New Jersey Photo Stations

About MyCoast: New Jersey Photo Stations

MyCoast: New Jersey Photo Stations are found in diverse locations along New Jersey’s coast, where shorelines are constantly changing due to tides, storms, and erosion. By using MyCoast, you are documenting important impacts to your community’s shoreline. Watch how it changes over time!

Upload your photo from one, or all, of MyCoast: New Jersey Photo Stations. MyCoast fetches background data on weather and tide levels to add context to your photo. Your photo helps us better understand our dynamic shorelines and manage our communities’ life on the coast.

How Does it Work?

1. Scan the QR code on the sign or find your location at one of the options below.

2. Take a photo of the shoreline using the instructions on the phone holder.

3. Turn your photo into data by submitting your photo station report to MyCoast!

Select a Photo Station Location

Cape May Point State Park

Island Beach State Park: Johnny Allen’s Cove

Island Beach State Park: Fisherman’s Walkway

Cheesequake State Park

Liberty State Park

Margate City Pier