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Coastal Resilience Report by

Bristol, RI

"Residents on the street tell me that when the rain comes it runs rapidly down the street. I also noticed that there is driving onto the marsh to load boats as seen by the vehicle tracks on the marsh at low tide. the culvert is exposed and was dripping> debris mat material was showing and rocks were moved. The concrete boat ramp is severely eroded. Vehicles are using the ramp to drive onto the marsh. There is also storm debris here from last high tides. This is the most severe erosion of all the access points in the neighborhood."

Photo description: Where water drains on the corner of Everett and Sherman on the Kickemuit River

Coastal resources in/directly adjacent to project footprint:

  • salt marsh (estuarine/protected)

Project elevation:

  • below MLW

Coastal infrastructure present at site:

  • culvert
  • multi-use path or road

Site stability:

  • eroding

Vegetative cover of project area:

  • moderate (25-75%)

Dominant vegetative type within project area: grasses

Displaced/unanchored and degraded project materials:

  • erosion-control mats/blankets
  • rocks

Human impacts at project site:

  • runoff
  • vehicles

Marine-related impacts:

  • wrack
  • marine debris
  • storm damage

10/01/2020 | 2:34 pm

Tidal Overview

6 hours 9 minutes before high tide

Data from Fall River, Massachusetts (4.8 miles away)

Water Level (at time of report): 2:34 pm, 0.7'

High Tide (Predicted): 8:31 am, 4.9'

High Tide (Observed): 8:30 am, 4.9'

Observed Predicted water level Report time

Weather Overview

Wind Speed: 13.4 MPH

Wind Direction: SSW (196°)

Temperature: 72℉

Rainfall (Calendar Day): 0.01"

Rainfall (Past 24 Hours): 0.01"

(Click here for full weather details from DarkSky)

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