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Coastal Resilience Report

Salem, MA

"issue with coir rolls, but grasses well rooted and spreading"

Photo description: Collins Cove fringing salt marsh

Coastal resources in/directly adjacent to project footprint:

  • beach (mixed sediment)
  • salt marsh (estuarine/protected)
  • intertidal (mud)

Project elevation:

  • above mean high water (MHW)
  • between MHW and mean low water (MLW)

Coastal infrastructure present at site:

  • revetment
  • multi-use path or road

Site stability:

  • stable

Vegetative cover of project area:

  • sparse (

Dominant vegetative type within project area: grasses

Displaced/unanchored and degraded project materials:

  • coir rolls
  • erosion-control mats/blankets
  • other

Other displaced/unanchored materials: coir rolls ripped at cables and sand washed out from under blanket

Marine-related impacts:

  • wrack
  • storm damage

10/25/2019 | 5:00 pm

Tidal Overview

4 hours 40 minutes before high tide

Data from Salem, Salem Harbor (0.5 miles away)

High Tide (Predicted): 9:40 pm, 10.2'

Observed Predicted water level Report time

Weather Overview

Wind Speed: 5.5 MPH

Wind Direction: ENE (61°)

Temperature: 55℉

Rainfall (Calendar Day): 0"

Rainfall (Past 24 Hours): 0"

(Click here for full weather details from DarkSky)

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