Steilacoom, WA

Pierce County

Collected crabs

Observation Type: Timed survey

Molts/crabs found: Yes

European green crabs found: No

Number of European green crab molts found: 0

Also submitting Dungeness crab molt data: No

Number of Dungeness crab molts found: 0

09/24/2023 | 12:15 pm

Tidal Overview

3 hours 14 minutes before high tide

Data from Steilacoom, Cormorant Passage (1.4 miles away)

High Tide (Predicted): 3:29 pm, 12.5'

Observed Predicted water level Report time

Weather Overview

Wind Speed: 3.4 MPH

Wind Direction: NNE (27°)

Temperature: 60℉

Rainfall (Calendar Day): 0"

Rainfall (Past 24 Hours): 0.3"

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  • Lisa Watkins, Washington Sea Grant
    October 2, 2023 1:55 pm

    Great to have you part of the Molt Search community, Cherie! We’re still taking about that squid you found 🙂 With your two most recent reports, I notice that the coordinate is not accurate to the shoreline where you’ve done your surveys. We aim to keep our dataset accurate and protect user location data, so when you have a chance, could you try logging into your account via your computer to edit that location for these two reports? I’ll keep them private until you have a chance to do that. Thanks so much for your contributions!

    • Cherie Fisher
      October 2, 2023 7:13 pm

      Ohh, I see that! I start the report on site in Steilacoom at Chambers Bay an finish the report at home in Tacoma. I’m not sure why the location changes. Does the report need to be started & ended on-site, so it saves the correct location? I tried to change the location and the only place I see to do that is on the tab Report Administration “edit report”. However, when I click on “edit report” nothing happens? I’am doing all this on my I-Phone, does it need to be on a computer in order for the “edit” function to work?

      Sorry for the inconvenience and inaccurate data on the location. I did not know that it changed my location when I finished the identification at home away from the site.

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